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Online Registration for corporate clients


Registration Customer

To help you finding the accomodation that suits your needs, we require exact information about your search (type of accomodation, length of stay, maximum rent, location etc).

Please register online.

Please fully complete the registration form and give us as many telephone and fax numbers as possible. If you have not heard from us within 24 hours you should get in touch with us, to be sure we have received your registration form.

Registration Corporate Clients

There is a special registration form for corporate clients, please use our online registration form for corporate clients.

By using of our services, you are entering into a contract with us and agree to be bound by our Business Conditions.

Getting in touch with the landlords

Once you have registered, you will receive rental options including the contact numbers of the landlords through email, fax or by phone. Please contact the landlords directly to arrange an appointment regarding the vacancy.


Depending on the property, you can arrange viewings either with us or directly with the landlord. Many of the properties can be previewed online, to do a preselection.

Rental Contract

Before signing a rental contract with the landlord or his authorised representative, please discuss all relevant details like length of stay, monthly rent, deposit, type and quality of the furniture, use of telephone, ect.

The rental contract will be concluded only between you and the landlord or his authorised representative.

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